Hyundai unveils impressive new-gen technology at CES 2015

Hyundai has been showcasing some great work in the past few months. A lot of new technologies and technical advancements were made. At the recently held Consumer Electronics show (CES) 2015 held in Las Vegas, Hyundai outdid itself as it showcased its prototype technologies, which we must say are very impressive. Numbers of new developments showcased were vast. From interactive HUD, rear seat infotainment, driver wearable gear, driver assistance.

Augmented reality HUD

Augmented reality HUD

Probably the most exciting thing showcased by Hyundai, The heads up display unit projects information onto the windscreen to pass on information to the driver. The HUD will show the driver vital info graphics, like when a car is about to enter/exit a lane, focuses on street signs, exit ramps when on the freeway, smart cruise control that keeps its distance from other cars. In addition, the driver has to wear a band, which transmits important bio stats to the car`s on board system. It starts vibrating when it feels the driver is not cautious and sends SOS signals if there is a drastic change in heartbeat.

Hyundai future infotainment screens

Hyundai cockpit concept

In this system Hyundai showcases how wearable tech can save lives, how blind spots caused due to the A-pillars are removed, and monitors distance from cars ahead. It also showcases navigation techniques and informs when the car is low on fuel. There are a host of new infotainment advancements as well, with rear seat connectivity.

Hyundai`s future customer safety

Customer safety

The main focus was not only technological, but also safety advancements. The on board system gives the driver vital information, like if the road is closed, speed limit warning etc. The car also has showcased its self-parking technology, pedestrian warning, highway assist etc. By showcasing this, Hyundai goes on to prove that they are in competition with BMW and Volkswagen. Volkswagen has always been the pioneer in R&D and is usually the first one to showcase a new technology and others follow suit. With this fabulous display at CES, Hyundai goes on to show that they are a serious player in the international market. They also showcased how they have taken theirĀ safety seriously, with the new ix25 getting a 5 star rating in the China NCAP. Though most of the technologies showcased are prototypes, Hyundai said you can expect them on the high end cars soon. Only a matter of time.