Hyundai ix25 to be powered by Verna’s heart

Hyundai ix25

The Hyundai ix25 looks like a smaller version of the new Santa Fe when viewed from the front

Hyundai had revealed the ix25, which is slated for an India launch earlier this year. The car will enter the Indian segment under a different name though, currently it has been code named GS. The Hyundai ix25 is said to sport the Verna’s petrol and diesel engines. Those engines produce 123PS and 155Nm of torque (petrol) and 128PS power with 260 Nm of torque (diesel). The numbers of both the engines are highly deceptive as they only look good on paper and not so much on our roads!

The ix25 is 4.27 meters in length, which puts it in between the Ecosport and Duster. Since the car exceeds 4 meters in length, it will not exactly be in the “small” car segment, which means it’ll have a higher price tag than it should have due to higher tax. It will however have more grunt than both the Ecosport and the duster, because of more powerful engines (on paper again!)

The Hyundai ix25 is slated for a release in August this year, with an expected price range of Rs 7-12 lakhs. Given the recent success of its releases, Hyundai can easily reach its expected target of 4000 units a month. Only defining factor will be it’s price tag. Its competitors seem to be selling like hotcakes, and Hyundai can easily do the same. Before the ix25 makes it debut, the i20 cross will make its presence sometime next month.

Hyundai ix25 interiors

The interiors of the Hyundai ix25 look premium and are loaded with features

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