Hyundai i10 set to enter taxi market

Hyundai i10 image 1

After Hyundai launched the i10 Grand in the Indian automobile market, the i10 seems to have taken a backseat. Hyundai immediately discontinued the Kappa variant of the i10, because of its high price. Currently being used in the Indian taxi market are the Santro, Dzire and Maruti WagonR. What is common in all these cars is that they run on CNG, hence have low running costs. They are stripped down of all basic amenities like power steering and AC.

Hyundai currently only has the Santro which is specialized for the taxi market. What made it a hit was its low price and low running costs. For a while, Hyundai has been contemplating axing the Santro, to make way for new models. Hyundai plans to make the i10 available for the Taxi market. The Korean carmaker plans to introduce an i10 variant with no power steering and AC, which runs on CNG. This will make it profitable and cheap to run.

Currently Hyundai India plans to introduce only the i10 as a Taxi only in metros like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Currently about 7500 taxi permits are up for grabs in Mumbai and this would be a perfect opportunity for Hyundai to introduce the i10 in the Taxi market.