Hyundai Creta gets into an accident while angry mob topples the car

Hyundai Creta Accident

The newly launched Hyundai Creta has got the country looming over the aspects of owning the vehicle. The SUV gained immense popularity even before its launch and detailed searches involving the Creta are still doing the internet’s rounds. However, the Creta has had another incident where the vehicle has come under serious doubt as images of it crashing and turning turtle started doing the rounds on the internet. These initial round of pictures showed the vehicle involved in a front end crash probably due to hitting a biker and also of the SUV lying upside down.

This brought a lot of negative aura around the vehicle, but after analysing the situation further, rumours of the car being at fault have been silenced. When the Creta crashed into the bike, angry villagers surrounded the vehicle and broke its taillights, headlights and windows as well. These very villagers then took matters into their own hands and toppled the vehicle.

This comes across as sad news because these people had no right to do what they did. There was a lot of speculation that the new Hyundai SUV crashed because of faulty driving dynamics. But when pictures of the mob overturning the vehicle surfaced as well, the rumour turned out to be incorrect.

The Korean car maker has equipped the car with good safety features to make sure that such incidents do not actually happen while the car is being driven, unless it’s the fault of the driver itself. Through this incident, Hyundai’s name was splashed up quite a bit which certainly should not have been the case. Anyhow, after knowing the complete truth, the company should surely not be worried about the same any more.

Hyundai Creta – Accident Photos

Hyundai creta crash

Hyundai Creta Accident

Hyundai Creta mob strike

Hyundai creta toppled

Hyundai creta upside down


Images Credit – Rajeev Raj on Facebook  / Team Fiat Moto Club on FB