Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell debuts at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Clarity fuel cell front

Honda revealed the new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Clarity Fuel Cell at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The new vehicle yet under production utilizes a fuel cell that has been stripped down by 33 per cent as against the previous stack of fuel cells. Reduced substantially in size, the fuel cell can now be used in a sedan accommodating five people. Besides, the company claims the power to be increased by 60 per cent to around 100 kW and an output density measuring 3.1 kW/L. Hence the accrued power generated by the motor in the Clarity Fuel Cell stands at 130 kW.

The new Clarity Fuel Cell is also claimed to offer a driving range of 700 kms courtesy the high-pressure hydrogen storage tank that is capable of 70MPa. Refill time is also very less, it apparently takes three minutes to refill. One of the prominent features available on the vehicle is the Power Exporter 9000 that according to Honda has the capability to provide power to a household for one entire week. Honda will put the Clarity Fuel Cell on lease sale in Japan effective March next year. Pricing will be around Rs 41.41 lakh in Indian currency. Post the introduction of the car in the Japanese market, Honda will launch it in the US and European markets.

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Honda clarity fuel cell side


Honda clarity fuel cell interior


Honda clarity fuel cell rear


Honda Clarity fuel cell front