Honda recalls CBR150R and CBR250R models for defective starter relay switch

Honda CBR 250R

Honda two-wheelers is a well-known brand across the world for the problem free motorcycles that they manufacturer. But the company has always been plagued with issues that result in voluntary recalls across the globe. Honda’s problems in the Indian two-wheeler market continues to grow as the company has just hit another roadblock with two CBR models. The company will be conducting a voluntary recall in the country for the CBR150R and CBR250R models to check and replace the starter relay switch, if at all it is defective.

The recall affects all those models that have been manufactured between July 2014 and June 2015 in our country. Honda will be starting the entire process by the middle of this month as a precautionary measure. According to the company, while the starter relay switch was being assembled, the coolant might have been applied in a wrong manner. This can result in an increase of resistance across the main fuse that can disrupt the battery voltage which is supplied to the electrical system.

If the battery voltage is not provided in a proper manner to the electrical system, then the engine can result in not starting and it can even stall when the motorcycle is being ridden. In very extreme cases, the resistance could lead to the starter relay catching fire. However, no such incidents have been reported to Honda as of yet (fortunately). As a matter of fact, the starter relay switch is sourced globally.

If the concerned part turns out to be defective, then it will be replaced by the company free of charge whether or not the bike is in warranty. Honda will be hoping that the poor after sales experience takes a turn for the better after carrying out hassle free and convenient replacement of faulty parts for its customers.

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