Honda Neowing hybrid three-wheeler concept to break cover at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Neo Wing three wheeled hybrid concept

Manufacturers all over the world are trying their hand at some unseen and not so popular vehicle segments, in order to see customer response and gain an upper hand in the respective segment. One such manufacturer is Honda. The company will be debuting its latest concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Titled the Neowing, the futuristic looking three-wheeler is a hybrid vehicle if you believe it or not.

Starting off with its design, it is in no way a subtle looking vehicle. All the panels feature a sharp and striking design language, thereby making it look like something that has been brought back in time from the future. Everything looks so stunning that there is nothing on can complain about. Deriving power from a four-cylinder Honda engine, it is called a hybrid thanks to electric motors that add to the unknown power figure.

When it comes to talking about three-wheeled vehicles, the suspension plays a very crucial part. The Honda Neowing concept makes do with the Honda Linkage Mechanism. This is nothing but a rear wheel drive vehicle which gets its stopping power from disc brakes up front that get the “Neowing” badging.

When the concept hits company showrooms, the production spec model is expected to receive a good welcome given that the concept features a stunning design and hybrid powertrain. It will most likely be driven by a conventional petrol engine and will be a very good touring vehicle for the typical enthusiasts. The Production spec Honda Neowing will go head on with the likes of the Yamaha Tricity, Peugeot Metropolis and the Piaggio MP3.