Honda launches street version of MotoGP bike called RC213V-S


Honda had recently presented a road going version of their MotoGP motorcycle, which without any doubt is one of the most anticipated motorbike till date. The street version has been named as the RC213V-S and carries most of the characteristics of the track racing superbike it is based on. The street version is very similar to the prototype that Honda displayed at EICMA last year and many are unimpressed from the recently launched bike.

Based on a MotoGP bike, most people were expecting the RC213V-S to have monstrous amounts of power that could even put a bike like the Ducati Panigale 1299 to shame. However, this has not happened because the 999cc, V4 engine that powers the RC213V-S generates 157 BHP and 102 Nm of torque on paper. This power figure is actually less than many of the litre-class motorcycles that are retailed in the market. The American version on the other hand outputs only 100.6 BHP, while in Japan, the same outputs just 68 BHP. No this is not a typing error at all.

So, we can conclude that the RC213V-S is priced astronomically, but the reason for the same is still hard to bare. If Honda says that it‘s because of the fact that the superbike is based on the championship winning bike of Marc Marquez, then that will more or less be ridiculous. This is due to the fact that the pneumatic valve springs which are present on the RC213V racing bike is replaced with steel ones for the V-S. The seamless-shift gearbox (responsible for clutch-less shifts) which is a very expensive part in the racing bike has also been given a miss and instead a standard six-speed cassette-type unit has been fitted on to the RC213V-S. The wheelbase has been increased by 30mm and the steering angle has also been raised to 26 degrees from the original 15 degrees to make it an easier street motorcycle to ride. With these changes, the V-S is rather closer to last year’s not-so-successful MotoGP racing bike, the RCV1000R.

Anyhow, the RC213V-S is not a replica but actually the original MotoGP bike. It still features the same chassis, body panels, V4 engine, Marchesini-made magnesium wheels, exotic carbon fibre sub-frame, race-spec Ohlins suspension and is also built by hand by those mechanics who built Honda’s MotoGP machine.

The company is offering a ‘Sports Kit’ that is not available in the USA for those who want more power. However, the added kit will void the warranty and also make the V-S road-illegal. The rev limit goes up to 13,000 RPM and the power figure shoots to 212 BHP. Wet weight reduces from 188 kgs to 177 kgs, a quick shifter and data-logger is added, the headlight gets replaced with a ram air duct, along with other track-specific parts.

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The RC213V-S will set you back by around Rs. 1.2 – 1.4 crores and is a limited edition motorcycle. Actually speaking, the big amount of money spent on the bike is actually worth it because firstly it is a road going version of a MotoGP motorcycle and secondly, Honda gets to decide whether you will get to own one or not.

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