Honda is UK`s most reliable car manufacturer for the 9th successive year

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz is the most reliable used car in the UK market

Honda has earned the tag of being the most reliable car manufacturer in the UK for the ninth successive year.
A recent research conducted by Warranty Direct Research and What Car? for the most reliable used car manufacturer saw Honda claim the top honours beating 36 other vehicle manufacturers, owing to low failure rates and repair costs.

37 car manufacturers were independently researched through 50,000 live Warranty Direct Policies for cars between 3 and 8 years old to give a reliability index. Some of the key parameters of the index are – failure rates, age of car, repair cost and mileage to arrive at an overall score for reliability.

This is no mean feat by Honda considering the fact that the Japanese car manufacturer has proved to be a dependable and trusted manufacturer for the 9th consecutive time; with very low cost of ownership and minimal failure rates compared to the competition. Honda Jazz also proved to be the most reliable used car in the UK market as per the research findings.

Editor of What Car? Jim Holder mentioned that Honda`s success in the reliability index is mainly due to low failure rates and the fact that Honda cars don’t cost a bomb to fix when things go wrong is the prime reason for Honda`s success. Brand reliability is one of the key factors that consumers look for when purchasing a used car.

Managing Director of Honda UK Mr Philip Crossman said that it is a big accomplishment for Honda to be given the title of most reliable car manufacturer by such reputed authorities like Warranty Direct and What Car? Philips also quoted that Honda`s success is the trust that customers have in the brand to provide them with reliable and low maintenance products.