Head Up Display marvelled the crowd at Intermot Show

Continental Head Up Display

Continental Head Up Display in collaboration with Skully Systems

The Intermot Show is a super fun event for ardent bike enthusiasts; so many amazing stunts are performed. The event allows people to highlight the exhilarating aspects of owning a bike. The fair happened through the 5th to the 9th of October 2014. Viewers were startled by the presentation of Head Up Display showcased by Skully’s and Continental.

Head Up display is what is called the technology of the future; it is a transparent display of information, beneficial to users, who do not have to view the screen. Head Up Display is a simulator, in cars the navigation technology is projected on windshields in the form of digital data. In bikes the system projects information on a blind spot via backward looking camera. How does the Head Up display work? The helmet is linked to an electronic control unit via Bluetooth 4.0, the electronic unit collects data of the vehicle. It is connected with the speedometer, electronic system and vehicle sensors to measure speed through GPS. The transformation of information happens at lightning speed, in a fraction of a second.

Head Up Display is the need of the hour; the world has undergone a massive industrial revolution in the past years, which has resulted in bottleneck traffic congestion. Consumers scurry like crazy to reach their desired destination on time. Head Up Display has eased the lives of bikers, the system displays all the relevant information needed for effective communication, such as speed covered, gear shift time and so on. The control unit alerts bikers when a gear change is required, which is signaled by the helmet and then displayed on the blind spot in the form of an acoustic signal. Apart from internal data, external information is displayed as well, providing views with full hands information on real time traffic updates and occurred accidents.

Despite the high-tech safety technology incorporated into bikes and cars, auto consumers are dependent on Head Up Display. There is a navigation system that encloses relevant data on directions, weather, and distance to a particular destination and so on. The acoustic signal of Head Up Display on windscreen or blind spot mirror is a more visible means to observe data, without having to browse through the mirror, or fine tune a system. Intermot Show is a sight of attraction for millions of bike enthusiasts, and the showcasing of Head Up Display is an excellent means to impart knowledge on revolutionary software technology. Night shifts have become common, and Head Up Display is certainly extremely convenient, since the information is bright and clear against dim light. There are so many technological advancements being developed in the navigation world, to an extent that driver’s can reach places without the need of a map. Head Up Display is an innovative discovery, but it is still not frequently viewed compared to other systems.

It will be interesting to observe the impact of Head Up Display in the near future, it is a transformation into an amazing world of digital technology and a necessity for creating a safe and secure environment for motorcyclists.