Harley-Davidson goes electric; unveils LiveWire model

Harley-Davidson the brand needs no introduction. Everyone from kids to elders is familiar with this brand. Harley which is known for its big touring bikes plans to go environment friendly and unveil an electric motorcycle next week in the US. Harley sees an opportunity in electric bikes and wants to do its bit for the environment.

                    “The Harley LiveWire`s styling makes it look like a motorbike straight out of a Sci-Fi movie”


Currently there is no market for electric bikes as consumers prefer low powered bikes and scooters that are easier on the pocket. The investment by Harley may not return any immediate results but Harley is interested in the long term potential of this project. The electric bike is called the LiveWire model and will be unveiled at an invitation-only event in New York. Harley will be organizing a 30- city tour for riders to gauge the bike and provide feedback which will be used by Harley to improve the bike. The livewire model may not go into production anytime soon.

The Harley LiveWire model boasts of performance and can hit the 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds and stands true to its Harley pedigree. Reports say the LiveWire sounds like a jet plane taking off and I find that pretty cool. The batteries on the LiveWire will do a distance of 130 miles before needing a recharge.

The future will definitely belong to electric vehicles which will help in reducing emissions and environmental stress. Electric vehicles at the moment offer a very limited range and the batteries need to be recharged frequently. This is the current drawback. Maybe in a few years we can see more electric bikes and cars on the road with advancement in technology.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire gallery

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