Harley-Davidson to expand its Indian product range with 3 new offerings this year

Harley-Davidson is all set to offer some new motorcycles in India, in order to expand the company’s product range in the country. In the company’s planned launches for India, are the new 2015 Breakout, a CVO model, plus another new unidentified model. The new bikes from Harley-Davidson will be launching on October 30th.

Here’s a look at the upcoming launches from the house of Harley-Davidson for India.

2015 CVO Limited

Harley Davidson 2015 CVO Limited

Harley Davidson 2015 CVO Limited

The CVO or Custom Vehicle Operations division at Harley-Davidson is responsible for producing some of the most magnificent customized motorcycle models. The current 2015 range of the company comprise of four model range namely, Road Glide Ultra, the Softail Deluxe, Street Glide and the CVO Limited. The CVO motorcycles are very expensive and would cost around Rs. 50 lakh in India or even more as it is expected to be brought by Harley as a CBU as per order basis. The CVOs should not be limited models and would be available on order. The CVOs are the closest models to a custom made Harley-Davidson motorcycle that one can get.

The 2015 CVO Limited models come with LED headlamps, ABS Brembo brakes, and a new stiffer steering head. It is powered by a new Twin-Cooled Twin Cam 110, liquid-cooled exhaust, and 1,800cc motor offering 155Nm of peak torque at 3,750rpm. The motorcycle will come with superb chrome finish and special parts for an ultimate luxurious Tourer look.

2015 Breakout

2015 CVO Outbreak

2015 CVO Outbreak

Harley will expand its Indian Softail range with the launch of the 2015 Breakout. The 2015 Breakout will be brought as CKD units and will be assembled at Harley’s Bawal factory. The local assembly will allow the company to price the bike better at around an expected Rs. 16.5 lakh.

The 2015 Breakout will get its power from a Twin Cam 96, 1690cc v-twin engine that generates a peak torque of 129Nm at 3,000rpm. The motorcycle gets styling inspiration from drag motorcycles including a sleek tank console, slashed fenders, and flat bars. It comes with ABS as standard, while a two-piece seat allows one to remove the pillion seat when desired.

Mystery bike

Harley Davidson Touring Range

Harley Davidson Touring Range

As already mentioned, there are three new Harley-Davidson launches scheduled for India. Though the third model is still not identified, it is believed that it will come from Harley-Davidson’s Touring range. This could be the Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited launching at a price range of around Rs. 30 lakh or upwards, as it is also expected to be brought through the CBU route. The company might also opt to offer the Ultra Limited in India as CKD units, which would make it the first locally assembled Touring line dropping its price by about a massive Rs. 10 lakh.

The Ultra Limited is powered by the 1690cc v-twin, Twin-Cooled Twin Cam 103 motor delivering 143Nm of torque at 3,750rpm. It will get mechanical bits from the Harley-Davidson Airflow Collection of parts.

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