Google Autonomous Car to start testing on Public Roads this Summer [Video]

It has been quite a while since Google has been testing out its self-driving car. The company has put in a lot of investment in the project, both in terms of time and money for developing the research car that has a very odd styling.

Anyhow, Google has recently confirmed that their latest project is complete and the autonomous car is ready to be tested on public roads. The American giant has also been testing out its new creation on normal road going vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and Lexus RX, which till now have not been involved in any accidents altogether. After the successful trial, Google is now ready to develop a car of its own that will feature the technology of the future.
Still in a prototype stage, the self-driving car has been testing on the company’s private track last year. Google is confident that the self-driving car will do well on public roads, after it starts doing rounds near the tech giant’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Google has been carrying out rigorous tests at the test track with many of the prototypes over the past one year to make sure that all the sensors and software is adequate and safe or not. According to the company, future self-driving Lexus RX SUV prototypes which will feature the technology, has already been tested up to a great extent.
The car can travel at a speed of about 40 km/hr, but there will always have to be a human on-board the vehicle to take over controls should something go wrong at any time. Also, according to autonomous laws at this point of time, self-driving vehicles need to have licensed drivers behind the steering wheel so that the person can control the vehicle in emergency situations.

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However, Google is very optimistic about this project and does not want to offer a steering wheel or pedals in the self-driving car, so that even visually impaired people would one day be able to drive themselves to a respective location on their own. Google is still conducting a lot of research in the automobile market to learn what the ultimate end user would expect this vehicle to offer them. Will this technology help in eliminating accidents that are caused due to human error? Well, only time will tell.