Global NCAP urges Nissan to withdraw poorly built Datsun Go from Indian market

Datsun Go crash test results 2014

As per the results of the Global NCAP crash tests that were revealed a few days ago, the Nissan Datsun Go is a sub-standard car where safety is concerned. The latest car model from the Japanese car maker Nissan for the Indian car market, the Datsun Go has received zero ratings in the adult safety crash tests. The Go hatchback has received two star rating in the child safety tests that were conducted by the global body. Keeping the crash test results in mind the chairman of Global NCAP, Max Mosley has written a letter to Nissan’s chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Ghosn urging him to immediately withdraw the Datsun Go car from the Indian as well as related car markets.

The Global NCAP requires all the cars to have airbags and ABS as standard features to get adequate ratings by the organization, and the Datsun go offers none even on the top trim as optional package. However, Global NCAP’s Chairman Max Mosley has clearly said that the Datsun’s Go’s body shell is so poorly built that the addition of airbags will not increase its ratings in any way. Mosley said that it is a very disappointing fact that a reputed car manufacturing company such as Nissan has authorized the launch of a brand new car which is so sub-standard. Datsun Go with its current built quality will surely not be able to get a clean chit from the frontal impact regulations from United Nation. Mosley said, considering the circumstances he is urging Nissan to withdraw the current sub-standard Datsun Go from India and to urgently redesign the car’s body shell to make it a more proper and safer car.

When contacted, a spokesperson from Nissan India said that the company’s Indian wing is checking with the global CEO’s office in order to confirm the receipt of the letter and the reactions to the same. The Nissan India spokesperson further added by saying that the company wants to reassure the people of India that the new Datsun GO has met all the needed local vehicle regulations that are provided by India and the other markets such as Indonesia and South Africa. The spokesperson further added that the Datsun GO has been developed with a strong purpose to offer the best adapted driving solutions suited for the local driving conditions.

According to the Global NCAP, the crash tests have proven that the Datsun Go’s body shell is not sturdy and is unstable, as the car’s structure disintegrated very badly during the frontal collision tests. During the tests, both the dummy driver and the dummy passenger have sustained fatal injuries on the head, torso as well as legs. The tests results have also clearly stated that the addition of airbags in the Datsun Go will not improve its safety ratings, as the car has been detected with a poorly built structure that can pose as a severe safety threat for the car’s occupants.