Global electric car sales figures to touch 5.5 million units by 2025

electric car sales data

One of the world’s leading authorities on data of vehicle sales, JATO has just published a white paper stating facts and figures on the current and future trends of the future of electric cars. This white paper coincides with the LA Auto Show.

“From Fiction to Reality: The Evolution of Electric Vehicles 2013-2015” is the name of this report. According to JATO, the electric car segment is an integral part of the future of automobiles even though there are many problems when it comes to talking about charging infrastructure. However, will all the pertaining problems, the future of electric car sales globally looks bright and immense, and growth is expected to take place in the coming future.

There was an average growth of just 4 percent in the global car market between 2013 and 2014. But the demand for electric vehicles including the likes of plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars experienced a rise of as much as 43 percent. However, even the significant rise of sales saw just 2.8 lakh units being sold all over the world. This equates to a small 0.38 percent as the overall market recorded sales of 72 million cars in the same period.

JATO feels that by the end of 2015, 1 percent of all cars in city roads the world over will be electric cars. Coming to car manufacturers, Nissan is sitting at the top spot being the world’s leading electric car maker with the Leaf model. Sales for Nissan accounted for 24 percent of all electric cars sold, but with the increasing number of models and companies alike, this figure now stands at 14 percent. Nissan is followed by Mitsubishi, Tesla, Volkswagen and then BMW (with the i3).

By the end of 2016, electric car sales figures are expected to touch 7 lakh units globally. This figure should jump to 5.5 million units by 2025 with China contributing the most towards the same. Europe is expected to follow China with 1.7 million cars. Then will be USA with 8 lakh units.