Futuristic Kawasaki Ninja H2 to launch in India in early 2015

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Kawasaki Ninja H2 is powered by a four-stroke, 998cc 4-cylinder liquid cooled supercharged motor.

Kawasaki has introduced its Ninja H2 recently at the 2014 EICMA motor show. The new H2 has been derived from the powerful Ninja H2R meant only for the racetracks. The Japanese motorcycle maker calls the new Ninja H2 as a ‘Hypersport’ motorcycle.

The new Kawasaki Ninja H2 features a free flowing, futuristic design and boasts of an advanced supercharged engine under its skin. This hi-tech new limited-launch Kawasaki bike is scheduled to be released in India at the starting of 2015, while deliveries would commence by early March. The Ninja H2 superbike will be tagged at Rs. 32 lakhs when launched in India.

For shelling out this heavy amount you will get one of the most hi-tech and futuristic, motorcycles available in the market today. The Ninja H2 offers a bright LED headlight, and its futuristic front design gives us the impression that it`s been designed by space engineers. Many of the specialized features on the new Ninja H2 like the down force generating mirrors have been designed by Kawasaki’s aerospace department. Kawasaki reveals that the River trademark seen on the front cowl of H2’s is meant only for historically important models. The H2 hypersport gets stylized 5-spoke alloy wheels and giant Bridgestone tyres. The bike does not come with a pillion seat, but it provides great lumbar support to the rider which is very helpful on such a fast bike. The Ninja H2 looks aggressive from all the angles along with threatening rear design which is complete with unique taillight and colossal dual-outlet silencer.

The new Kawasaki Ninja H2 is powered by a four-stroke, 998cc 4-cylinder liquid cooled supercharged motor. The supercharger is also highly advanced. Kawasaki has not revealed the power figures of the India bound H2, but going with the speculations the powerful mill is expected to offer more than 220bhp.

Apart from the hi-tech powertrain, innovative features and killer looks Kawasaki also endows various riding aids on the H2 such as switchable traction control and advanced three ride modes. The first two modes are for regular riding, while the third one is designed for safe riding in wet conditions. Kawasaki will also offer 3-mode launch control system on this superbike that ensures negligible wheel slip and front wheel lift during high speed rides.

There is also a light green sheen on the H2 and it comes with a purpose too. The advanced high tensile steel chassis in lime green ensures utmost heat dissipation. Kawasaki also incorporates smart electronic steering damper which is a very useful safety feature and ensures needed damping at high speeds and minimum damping force at low speeds. The stopping power on this fast bike comes from a colossal ABS empowered dual Brembo disc brakes at the front and a disc brake at the rear.

The Indian bike enthusiasts will surely thank Kawasaki for offering this superb revolutionary motorcycle in India that would bring the Indian motorcycle market at par with the global markets. The new Kawasaki Ninja H2 is thus, certainly a highly awaited bike in India.

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Source – Autocar

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