Four Wheels move more than just a body

Dodge challenger SRT image 2

An alloy of tin, steel, aluminum and iron running on liquefied fossils, and with rubber taking the load, used to transport people and or goods from point A to B. That would probably be the most obvious definition of a car or of an automobile and yet how many of us believe it to be true!

Well to start with, I don’t believe in it a single bit. A car isn’t just an alloy of a bunch of metals, it is the carrier of a soul. An automobile isn’t just limited to a mode of transport, it is far above and beyond it.

From what began as a simple mode of transport to serve a very functional purpose of travelling is now today a mammoth of possibilities. Cars are now a luxury, a lifestyle, a sport, a necessity, cars are entertainment and lastly cars are a statement. The endless possibilities a car throws on the table just excite me no end. And millions like me who are enthusiastic of these possibilities and opportunities that a car possesses are us, car enthusiasts.

Dodge challenger SRT

What makes people like me enthusiastic about cars? That’s not something me or anyone could answer in brief. Because the feeling is beyond words! The feeling of rolling down the windows of your car and shifting a gear down to hear and feel that engine respond while the wind whips harder across your face is inexpressible in words. Or the feeling of turning up the volume on that favourite song with the windows rolled up as the world outside is forgotten! Cars are like a home on wheels for those who want it to be one.

From Chevy`s to Bentley`s, from Fiats to Mercedes and from Tata to Kia, they’ve all got they’re own style, own engines and they’re own personas. It isn’t just for fun that Volkswagen happens to be the company that spends the most amount of cash on research (those Germans really have it going with cars and YES they spend more than Google)!! They’ve changed the face of humanity is so many ways its unfathomable. Still sticking to its primary purpose of travelling and transporting, cars entertain us to a level that I think the entire human race is underplaying. From motor sports to Fast and Furious, who hates a two door, aerodynamic, fire-spitting beauty of a car blasting down your TV screen?? Cars have so many industries dependent on them that its scary to imagine a world without them. Be it metals or rubber or plastics or insurance and finance to the radio! I frankly feel that apart from the rural recess of any nation, the radio is solely resting on its dependency on cars!

I wouldn’t want to rant about the mechanics of cars because that’s something any book will tell you. But what i’d like to rant about is as a car enthusiast, is the understanding of the delicate balance between mechanics, design and human judgement that goes into a car. The perfect synthesis of the human mind and feelings with an inanimate mechanical moving machine is a beautiful amalgamation of man and machine. As a matter of personal experience I have had people come up to me and ask me if I was alright when I’ve seen a car that always excited me or I had only read about. I would check out the car from antenna to bumper (I don’t know if that sounds creepy, but it’s true!!) From the newest Porsche to the oldest Tata Sierra, they all excite me. I want to know more about the car just by looking at it.

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Also, driving. That feeling of steering a car while the engine responds to the tap of your foot and the bending of your wrist! You feel powerful when you use your judgement and precision to command a machine! That feeling is compared to (and in some cases rated over), sex. Driving can be vengeful when it needs to be and therapeutic when you want it to be. Its in your hands! And these plethora of opportunities and possibilities is what makes people like me fanatics about cars.

I don’t know if I’ll be radical in saying so but cars are a religion in they’re own right. They teach us and we preach to them while they are a creation of our own minds. Exactly like a god! We have faith in them when we need them, yet take them for granted when we don’t. Cars are a hope for millions and make thousands of stories everyday! Cars are the confines of a teenagers first kiss to a coffins journey to the grave, cars are omnipresent and to a large extent, omni-powerful! And man`s best creation (after garlic bread with cheese)! I wouldn’t want to end on a preachy note though because the more that is spoken about cars, the less it is and they deserve a place in our hearts and not in our garages. So after you’re done reading this, do me a favor. Take your car out for a spin and feel it.