Ford starts bookings for the Figo Aspire

Ford Figo compact sedan - Aspire

The sedan market in India has seen an increase in competition in the last few years. The market is ruled by a number of players ranging from the Honda City and Maruti Ciaz to the Hyundai Verna. But in recent times there has been a shift in the segment.

A few cars have been made to please the customer’s wallet. These economically viable cars have seen a tremendous rise in the last year and a half, with entrants like the Hyundai Xcent to the Honda Amaze. Ford, which has been doing fairly well after going through a bad phase, decided to join in.

They developed the Ford Figo Aspire compact sedan which is based on the popular Ford Figo (like the Xcent is based on the i10 Grande or the Amaze is based on the Brio). And boy oh boy they did a good job! The Ford Figo Aspire is pleasing to look at. The front fascia of the vehicle is typical Ford, with well-designed headlamps and a huge aggressive looking grille. The biggest challenge for Ford was making the car look good, within 4 meters.

The Figo Aspire has a well-designed side profile, and we think the rear end should’ve gotten a better design. The alloy wheels look sporty, and go well with the car.

The Aspire is expected to launch sometime in August and most of the Ford dealerships have already started taking bookings on a down payment of Rs 50,000. Now here is some advice from us at MotorCruze. If you do plan to buy a compact sedan and enjoy driving, go put in the down payment for this vehicle ASAP.

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What you will get is a well designed car inside and out, with a superb engine (1.2 petrol and 1.5 diesel). Ford cars are known for their driving ergonomics, and be rest assured this car will drive well. What should worry you though is the after sales service for which the company is not known, though after the Figo and Ecosport launches it has improved drastically.

The Ford Figo Aspire will be priced between Rs 4.8 – 6 lakhs (approximately) which makes it a steal. We at MotorCruze approve of this vehicle. Watch out for updates!