Ford reveals Troller T4 Concept SUV prior to its world premiere at the Sao Paulo Motor Show

Ford Troller T4 Concept Image 2

The Troller T4 concept gets a snorkel, winch and a custom paint job

American car major, Ford has revealed its new Troller T4 SUV concept that will officially make its world premiere at the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show which is ready to begin in Brazil. The new Troller T4 concept SUV from the house of Ford, as the name suggests has been developed based on the Troller T4 Sports Utility Vehicle. The new concept SUV not only features considerable design upgrades, but also packs in an array of accessories to provide advanced off-road capabilities and to lend the SUV a very aggressive, rough and tough appeal while at the same time improving the vehicle’s all terrain capabilities.

The new Ford T4 concept SUV comes loaded with a host of new features and added equipments. The concept SUV gets a Snorkel, steel chest, newly designed front and rear bumpers and advanced mud terrain tires. The Ford Troller T4 concept`s custom look is further enhanced with a dual tone, dark and light brown body colour scheme. To add to the sportiness of the SUV Ford employs new alloy wheels that get a dark metallic brown paint job.

The cabin of the new Ford Troller T4 Concept SUV is packed to the brim with great features that give the SUV a luxurious feel. The extensive range of features on the inside of the Troller T4 Concept includes premium leather upholstery, infotainment system with navigation and automatic climate control. The cabin of this 3-door concept SUV is endowed with a nicely finished grey and brown theme which adds to the sporty appeal of the off-roader.

Though the new Ford Troller T4 Concept SUV comes with a lot of new exciting features, under the hood the mechanical specifications remain the same as the existing Troller T4. The T4 concept is equipped with the same 3.2 litre 5 cylinder engine which delivers 197 HP of max power. The engine is mated to an efficient 6-speed manual transmission gearbox that equips the regular version of the SUV.  However, Ford reveals that the concept version has been laden with high performance shock absorbers which ensure great stability and sturdiness even in extreme terrains.

Ford will also showcase a Troller T4 SUV based ‘Rescue concept car’ at the imminent 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show, with enhanced all-terrain capabilities and the ability to reach remote and hostile terrains in case of an emergency. The new Ford Rescue concept features LED lighting elements on the sides, new tail lights, new 17 inch alloy wheels with special tyres and a plank attached to its roof to facilitate transport. Ford’s production plans for both the vehicles are expected to be announced during their debut at the auto event.

Ford Troller T4 concept interiors

The Troller T4 gets a 6.1 inch multimedia display


Ford Troller T4 Interiors

The interiors get a two-tone theme


Ford Troller T4 Concept

The Troller T4 gets reinforced front and rear bumpers


Ford Troller T4 Concept image 1

The Ford Troller T4 concept`s custom look is further enhanced with a dual tone, dark and light brown body colour scheme