Ford Mustang brought to India for testing purposes

2015 Ford Mustang GT 03

So we have the perfection of German engineering, the craftsmanship and livery of Italian cars, and the elegance and panache of British cars. The only thing that is missing in the country is old school American muscle.

Well that’s about to change. Ford has got in its 2015 variant of the Mustang to the country. The particular model, which arrived at the Chennai Cargo Terminal, has been brought in for R&D purposes. This means that Ford has been seriously considering getting the vehicle to the country sometime soon. This model, which was brought down to the country, is powered by a 5L V8 that bangs out 430bhp and 542 Nm of torque. The transmission is a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic.

2015 Ford Mustang GT 05

“We’re going to sell to over 120 countries and we’re going right hand drive as well as left hand and we’re offering fastback and convertible but in the end the car is truly a Mustang.” Is what Mr. Tom Barnes, Ford Mustang Engineer had to say in an interview with Bloomberg.

The Ford Mustang has a value of about 35 lakhs in Indian rupees. If the pony car is brought down as a completely built unit, it could cost more than double due to the tax structure in the country.