Ford India recalls 3,072 Fiesta sedans to replace defective part

Ford Fiesta As far as the quality of Indian cars is concerned, the number of recalls is also on the rise. Very recently, the popular Maruti Suzuki Swift and the new Datsun Go hatchbacks failed the Global NCAP crash tests. Followed by the crash test results, the organization also urged Nissan to withdraw the Go from India. This news already raised many eyebrows regarding the safety of the Indian car buyers and passengers, as many other popular models in the recent past also failed to pass the crash tests. Adding to the many recalls of the Indian cars, Ford India has now issued a recall of its sedan model Fiesta. Ford will be recalling a total of 3,072 Fiestas in India. This recall from the American car major in India is again a part of the company’s preventive or precautionary measure to check for a possible faulty car component in order to ensure the safety of the customers.

Ford India wishes to inspect and replace a suspected defective part used in the Fiesta sedan, and thus the need for the recall. The suspected defective car component is a part of the engine ignition system in the diesel version of the Ford Fiesta. This faulty component forms a part of the glow plug module of the car’s engine start system, and it helps in regulating the whole starting procedure of the Ford Fiesta’s diesel engine. Thus, the importance and the precise workability of this particular car component are really very significant. The newly designed glow plug module of the Ford Fiesta is supposed to be waterproof in nature. Ford will be officially issuing the recall of its Indian Fiesta sedans pretty soon, post which the customers of the affected Fiesta sedan models will be contacted directly by the authorized Ford dealers across the country.

The company will be checking the vehicles for the faulty part and will replace it if it is required. Needless to mention, the entire checking and the replacement procedure of the defective part in the Ford Fiesta will be done by the company absolutely free of any charges. The company has stated that the affected Fiesta models that are involved in the current recall of the company were manufactured between the periods of October 2010 and December 2011. This recall process involves both the Classic as well as the new facelift models of the vehicle. Ford India made it a point to mention that this recall of the company is a part of its proactive, precautionary recall action in order to make sure that the customers’ safety is not compromised in any way. The company is also making this recall to ensure that its customers remain fully satisfied with the company’s products. Ford India also stated that there have been no reports of any accidents or injuries associated with this suspected faulty part of the Fiesta. However, the company will continue with the recall to check the functionality of the defective part.

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