Ford develops pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection system that automatically stops the car

Ford Mondeo Pedestrian Detection 1

Ford`s pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection system will be launched next year in the Ford Mondeo

American auto major Ford Motor has developed an advanced safety system for cars which is called Pre-collision Assist and Pedestrian Detection Technology. This collision prevention technology can potentially avoid as well as minimize the chances of frontal collisions of cars. This anti-collision technology from Ford forms a part of many such safety technologies that are being developed by various global auto majors.

Where Ford’s safety technology of pre-collision and pedestrian detection is concerned, the company is readying it up to be officially launched next year in the Ford Mondeo in Europe. After the official debut of the system, it will eventually be introduced in other Ford models as well as Lincoln vehicles. The details about the safety technology were revealed at a media release by Ford Motor. Ford’s ‘Pre-Collision Assist and Pedestrian Detection system’ makes use of a technology that combines the information obtained from radars and cameras which are used to scan the road right ahead of the vehicle. The information from these devices is then analyzed to check for potential risks of collision with either a vehicle or a pedestrian. After the detection of the potential risk the system offers audio as well as visual warnings to the driver to stop or divert the vehicle. The system however reacts by providing warning alarms, as the warnings are provided for a stipulated time for the driver to take proper action before a collision occurs. In case the driver fails to respond within that safe span of time, then the system itself automatically applies the brakes fully and then if required applies full braking force in order to reduce the severity of an accident or even eliminate potential collisions.

This anti-collision system from Ford Motor has a windshield mounted camera as well as a radar that is located close to the front bumper of the vehicle. These devices check for the information of potential collision risks and use a database of vehicles and pedestrian shapes to be able to distinguish people and vehicles from any other roadside objects or scenery.

When speaking on the validation as well as testing procedures of this new technology, Ford Driver Assist Technologies’ manager, Scott Lindstrom said that the real world testing of this technology is of crucial importance for the development process, because the pedestrians in the urban areas can present a broad spectrum of potential collision risks. The company thus covered over 300,000 miles on 3 continents in order to test the technology on a vast range of driving situations and various settings. Ford’s impressive Pre-Collision Assist could really help the drivers avoid front or rear end collisions with other vehicles no matter what the speed level of the vehicle is. The system’s Pedestrian Detection is particularly helpful for the driver to avoid road crashes with pedestrians at lower speeds. Both the aspects of this safety system from Ford can potentially avoid or reduce the severity of collisions or road crashes avoiding fatal accidents and help save many lives.

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