Fiat Linea`s replacement car in India could be the Grand Sienna

Fiat Grand Sienna front

Fiat Grand Sienna

Fiat has not updated its Indian portfolio of vehicles for the past few years. Most of its vehicles are reaching the end of their life cycle, as a result of which the Grande Punto was also given a replacement in the form of the Punto Evo. The company also launched a crossover based on the Punto Evo called the Avventura to freshen things up. The next product in line to receive an update is the Linea sedan. The vehicle has been performing poorly in the C-segment and the company is planning to launch a replacement for it very soon.

Fiat Aegea front view

Fiat Aegea

Its replacement can firstly come in the form of the production ready version of the Aegea concept. The concept was recently showcased at the Istanbul Motor Show back in May and the production model will be solely developed for left-hand drive (LHD) markets. Fiat will have to carry out heavy investments to get the production model ready at the earliest and then convert it into right-hand drive (RHD) to bring it to India.

Fiat Grand Sienna rear

The Grand Sienna has a very boring design

The second probable candidate is the Grand Siena that is only retailed in the Brazilian market. The Grand Siena is the same model as the Linea, except it carries a slightly different exterior design as compared to the latter. However, even this car is retailed in a LHD avatar and the Italian company will have to invest well to convert it to a RHD model as well.

In our opinion, Fiat should only bring the production version of the Aegea to India given that the Grand Siena has a very boring design, maybe even worse than the current Linea model. Anyhow, Fiat will be updating its entire Indian portfolio by 2018 and hence the Aegea or the Grand Siena will only serve as the Linea’s replacement till then. Anyhow, the company has to reconsider its plans for India and carry out concrete measures to create a good brand name in our country.