Ferrari unveiled FXX-K, track version of LaFerrari

Ferrari FXXK

It is hard to say where exactly this war of horsepower will end. The manufacturers have moved from naturally aspirated engines to forced induction engines and now they are making use of hybrid powertrains to get the most out of these four wheeled monsters. McLaren came up with the P1 which is a hybrid. Porsche launched the 918 which is another hybrid and then Ferrari made use of their expertise from Formula 1 to create an insanely powerful hybrid machine called LaFerrari. Now they have released a track only version of the LaFerrari and they call it the FXX-K.

While the name might sound weird to many, it actually makes sense (or Ferrari likes us to think that). The previous track exclusive Ferrari was based on the Ferrari Enzo and was called the FXX. This one adds a K which stands for KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). This new car isn’t road legal just like the FXX and the clients will only be able to drive them at specific test sessions that Ferrari organises. This one has shed some weight, a couple of lamps and has got a brutal V12 soundtrack.

Ferrari FXXK image 1

The standard road legal LaFerrari generates a peak power of 967 PS which, by any standards, is a lot. On the FXX-K, they have added 101 PS of power and now it generates 1068 PS of peak power. To achieve this, changes have been made both to the V12 engine and to the motor. The V12 engine is a naturally aspirated one and displaces 6.3 litres. It gets new intake manifolds, racing cams and couple more changes which take the peak power up from 800 PS to 860 PS at 9200 rpm. The electric motor produces around 190 Nm of peak power. Both of them combined and this car has got over 900 Nm of torque at the driver’s disposal.

Ferrari FXXK rear view

Looking at the car you will know that it is serious about speed. On the front you will find double decker spoiler that has got multiple fins. On the rear there is a retractable spoiler with fins. It has also got large diffuser on the rear. This allows for better flow of air over the car and as a result, this car generates a down force of 540 kgs at 200 kmph. While they have talked a lot about what they have added and what changes they have made, there is no mention of the performance numbers of this new track machine.

It has got 345 section Pirelli slick tyres on the rear. These tyres come with embedded sensors that relay information to the car on grip levels. This allows the traction control system to act even smarter and yield the best possible performance without hampering in the fun. The standard LaFerrari was already an insane performer and with all these changes, this one is definitely going to be a bombshell. Ferrari is yet to say how many cars they will produce but expect the number to be smaller than 50 with prices north of 20 crores.