Ferrari negates the widespread speculations about motorcycle rumour


Over the last one week, the online news space had been rife with various speculations about Ferrari being busy working on a motorbike engine. The reason behind these several speculations was a patent that was lodged by the company which was published in the European Patent Office’s (EPO) website. The lodged patent displayed a cruiser style motorcycle equipped with a V-Twin motor. Based on this leaked patent news, several speculations took no time to build up around the patent for the development of a real-life Ferrari motorcycle that is on the anvil at the present.

However, negating all these growing speculations, Ferrari’s Northern European spokesman Jason Harris has dismissed the possibilities of any such plans. Harris has clearly negated all the speculations regarding the future Ferrari motorcycle under development, by saying that there is just no motorcycle future for the company.

Harris has also offered a very justifiable explanation to throw light on the company’s applied patent with the image of the motorcycle. He explained that the image of the motorcycle was simply used by Ferrari in order to exhibit the technology that the company has chosen to closely protect. The filed patent of the company was for a new unique balancing technology which gets rid of the requirement for a balancer shaft. This new great technology is capable of managing the balancing needs of each side of the V-Twin motor at the planes of the crank. Thus, in order to showcase the capabilities of this new technology, the image of a motorbike was simply used for the filed patent for the technology. Hence, the technology or the patent by no means indicates that Ferrari is going to build a motorcycle based on this new technology. The Italian sports car maker’s filed patent explores the quivering forces in a V-Twin engine that eliminates the requirement for a balancer shaft that has benefits in terms of the engine’s weight as well as packaging. Although Ferrari has demonstrated this technology especially for a V-Twin engine, this technology can be actually replicated for the usage on various other engines namely, V4, V6, V8 or V12 motors. While Harris explained all these details about the new technology developed by the company, it also firmly kept to the fact that the company has no intention of making a V-Twin motorcycle in the future.

Thus, all the speculations revolving around a new expected V-Twin motorcycle from the house of Ferrari can be easily put to rest.

The Italian sports car giant however, sure has many other things to keep the auto enthusiasts happy about. The Ferrari lovers can expect some new exciting cars to come from the house of this superb car maker soon enough to set the tarmac on fire. The car major is surely working on new advanced technology as well as platforms to churn out some head turning and wind challenging new models. Thus, the Ferrari lovers should chin up even though there is no super motorcycle coming from it.

Source : Economictimes