The Fastest production Electric bike in the world, the Lightning LS-218 goes on sale

Lightning LS-218

A 200 bhp bike with about 168 ft-lbs of torque that weighs only 496 pounds is going to made available for sale in the summer of next year. Take a minute and read those numbers again and let it sink in. The world’s fastest production bike, the Lightning LS-218 will be made available to the public (who are brave enough) for sale. The electric motorbike is named the 218 because it has a max speed of about 218 miles and hour (350kmph). WOW!

Lightning LS-218 image 1

The bike is powered by a 150 kW direct drive electric motor. Not too many people believe electric superbikes are sustainable cause of its short driving range, long charging time and exorbitant price. To increase the range of the bike, customers can add an extra battery pack. The (20 kW) battery pack would increase the range of the bike to about 160-180 miles per charge. When the lightning LS-218 made its premier at Pike Peak International Hill Climb, it silenced the critics. The rider, Carlin Dunne finished about 21 seconds ahead of any gasoline-powered bike.

Lightning LS-218 image 2

There is a lot of speculation as well, as independent bike builders like Chip Yates and Eva Hakasnsson claim to have made faster bikes, but the Lightning LS-218 is the fastest production bike in the world, staying true to its name. The first Bike was sold to Troy Helming, who had placed an order for the bike about a year ago. The bike costs about 38,000$ (Rs 20 lacs). Even if you can afford the bike, you will need iron guts to take it out for a spin.

The company’s president, Richard Hatfield said the next bike in production is already on the cards. It will be a naked bike in the style of KTM’s iconic Super Duke. Cannot wait to see how that looks like.

Source : Lightningmotorcycle