European spec Ford Ecosport production to shift to Romania

Ford Ecosport latest news

Ford Ecosport is one of the most successful Compact SUV’s to be produced by the company globally and has been satisfying the international audience post its launch in 2013. Till now, the European variant of this car had been produced at the Chennai Plant in India and was later exported to the European markets, however from now on this production has been shifted to Craiova in Romania from India.

This newer version of the Ford Ecosport which will be produced in Romania would be getting even more upgrades to it and will be offered across the European countries except Russia. From now on, the Chennai plant will be targeting the North American markets and will be producing vehicles for that region only. Ford’s Plant in Craiova was producing the 1.0L-Ecoboost engines along with their rather unsuccessful MPV, the B-Max, and in order to make full use of the workforce at this plant Ford shifted the production of the already successful Ecosport there. Ford’s upcoming models like the Ka (known as Figo in the Indian markets) will also be manufactured at the same plant. Other upcoming models that would be launched by the company will also be produced at the Craiova Plant only.

Although, the shifting might be assumed as a loss for the Indian Export markets, but in fact it is a huge achievement since from now on, the Chennai plant would be catering to the needs of the massive American Markets which is a huge milestone achieved by the Detroit based carmaker.