Essential car safety features that can save your life

While we often ignore basic safety features in our cars, choosing them on your vehicle is absolutely essential. 

It isn’t new to anyone of us that Indian roads are highly prone to calamities. With badly paved roads, rash drivers and inadequate safety features in cars, make it all the more dangerous to drive on Indian roads. Carmakers today are offering some basic safety features which are only available on the top-end spec and sometimes in the mid-variants depending on the manufacturer. Below is the list of important safety features that are a must have in your car.

Seat Belts for Passengers

First and foremost basic safety feature is the seat belt. Without this, the upper body of the passenger travelling is highly prone to injury caused by a sudden jolt or jerk. If any car gives you the option of the three-point seatbelt, without thinking twice, one should consider choosing it. For example, Hyundai is providing an option of 3-point seatbelt feature in its i20 hatchback for the rear centre passenger.



Gone are the days when airbags were considered as a luxury safety feature. These days, airbags are available on top- end models of almost all the affordable models as well as on the option list. Every extra penny you spend to get such a safety feature is fully paid during a collision when the results show the passengers are safe and sound. While the front airbags help in preventing the passenger from hitting against the dashboard or steering wheel and windshield, the side and curtain airbags reduce the chances of passengers getting injured by slamming against the doors of the car. If the car you choose doesn`t come with side airbags that’s ok, but front airbags for the driver and co-passenger are a must.

ABS - Anto lock braking system (1)

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

This is one safety feature, which is becoming popular these days. ABS is worth every buck spent as it helps in preventing the car wheels to lock up during emergency braking. During an emergency, a car without ABS can get its wheels locked up, leaving the car open to an unrestrained state resulting in an unsafe situation. ABS helps the driver to keep the car under control and go away from the danger area even under hard braking.

Electronic stability control

ESP (Electronically Stability Program)

Like ABS, ESP is a safety feature mostly available on all high-end luxury cars. ESP is a technology, which helps in improving the stability of the car by operating the brakes during unrestrained conditions. What ESP basically does is brake one wheel at a time and this helps to counter the over steer and under steer. This system helps to stabilize the car in tricky situations.

Adjustable head rest

Adjustable head rest 

It seems like an adjustable ‘head rest’ to all of us, but proves to be a true safety feature during a collision. As per the height of the occupant, one can set and adjust the head restraint. During collision, it helps in averting neck and shoulder injuries to the maximum level. But if you become careless and do not lock the headrest as per the height, it can lead to being less effective during an emergency situation. A sincere advice for every car owner (if available in the rear seats too), before heading for a drive, one should adjust the head restraints as per their height to avoid injuries during emergencies.

Rear wiper and defogger

Rear Wipers

Rear Wipers seems to be a minor feature but acts as an important one, mainly during rainy season. It helps in providing clear visibility by cleaning off the dirty water and slush during monsoons. This safety feature is generally available in hatchback and SUV models only.


Another minute equipment, but definitely plays a fundamental role. A Defogger is very important as it cleans off the mist from the rear window and makes the visibility clear. If you don’t find the necessity to go for rear wipers, at least don’t neglect a defogger and opt for it.

Consider safety an utmost priority. We have a tendency to omit these features due to the extra cost involved. It`s only when we face a life threatening situation that we understand the significance of these safety features. The next time you decide to purchase a new car, give safety the first priority.