Electric car maker Tesla opens up patents to rivals

In today’s world where car manufacturers are very discrete in keeping their patents intact in the form of sealing, vaulting and locking it, everyone’s favorite Tesla has come up with an altogether different plan. Tesla has made a commendable move by opening up its patents in order to enhance the production of electric cars. This is good news for the automobile industry as anyone is now free to use its technology in good faith.

This is a surprising and a well informed decision by Elon Musk, Tesla chief executive. Today, around 100 million cars are being produced globally each year along with over 2 billion cars already plying on the streets of the world. Keeping these facts in mind, Musk reasoned the company’s strange move as it is virtually impossible to build electric cars at such a fast pace to address the environmental crisis.

The original motive for Tesla to file its patents was to protect the start-up electric auto manufacturer`s technology from being used by other manufacturers which could have led to Tesla`s collapse. But keeping in mind the overall sales of electric cars in other companies which do not constitute even 1% of its overall earnings, the situation has been totally reversed by Musk. He even went on explaining that patent lawsuits will not be filed against anyone using Tesla’s technology in good faith. The decision has been taken in hope that the investment by car companies will be made in the development of batteries with smaller cells. Such batteries are to be similar to that used by Tesla, a laptop-battery cell having lowest cost per kilowatt hour.

Tesla`s decision has been well accepted by other car manufacturers. In a meeting with the executives of BMW to discuss the plans of sharing Tesla’s nationwide Supercharger network having high-speed charging stations, Musk suggested the company to build its own charging infrastructure and a massive gigafactory just like the one constructed by Tesla for producing electric car batteries.

One of the main motives for Tesla to open up its patents is to strengthen its position in the market. Analysts believe Tesla`s decision does not have any competitive disadvantage. Some of the best electric models from Telsa are the Roadster, which is considered to be the world’s best electric sports car along with its electric luxury sedan, the Model S. We will have to wait and see if Indian automobile manufacturers like Mahindra would be interested in using technology from Telsa.