Electric bikes made by Victory motorcycles to make their appearance at Isle of man TT

victory motorcycles electric isle of man ttzero 01

Victory Motorcycles will be making its headway into road racing at the Isle of man TT this year, that too with two electric bikes. Victory motorcycle’s parent company Polaris purchased Brammo electric motorcycle. This bike was regarded as the fastest electric bike and has been keeping that badge since a long time now.

The bikes will be run by seasoned Isle of Man contenders, William Dunlop and Lee Johnston. Johnson won the North West 200 superstock on a BMW S1000RR on May 16, proving he is a worthy rider. The bikes competing will be Brammo`s Empluse RRs with minor reworks and a Victory badge.

The battery capacity will be increased by about 20% and the power reduced to about 150 hp, making sure the bike lasts for the 61 km length of the race. Parker Hannifin, who has worked on Brammo`s projects before, specially made the motors for these bikes.

victory motorcycles electric isle of man tt zero

It is clear that Victory Motorcycles is taking a huge initiate by foraying into road racing, and breaking its image as only a cruiser manufacturer. This is to make sure it separates itself from companies like Indian Motorcycles and the lot.

Here’s hoping we get to see some good performance from these bikes, watch this space for more!