Ducati Scrambler Mike Hailwood Edition unveiled in Thailand

Ducati scrambler mike hailwood special edition pic 2

Ducati’s most famous and charismatic looking super bike the Scrambler was recently launched in the Indian market and post its launch the bike has been applauded by many due to its naked and retro feel making the super bike quite distinctive from its competitors. Recently, Ducati unveiled a special Edition Scrambler that is known as Mike Hailwood’s Special Edition Ducati Scrambler.

Ducati scrambler mike hailwood special edition pic 3

This Special Edition Scrambler is a limited edition version of the bike and the company would be producing just 58 units of this type out of which 25 units have already been booked by Ducati Scrambler fans across the globe. The Mike Hailwood Special Edition Scramblers get refurbished handlebars, with a rear suspension setup by Ohlin’s, and Termignoni’s Exhaust setup for that heart throbbing exhaust note from the Scrambler. In addition, the bike boasts a 70’s retro styling to make it look even more divergent from the normal version of the bike.

Ducati scrambler mike hailwood special edition pic 1

Mike Hailwood was one of the most successful super bike racer in the history of Bike Racing in the 70’s with over 75 Grand Prix Victories and 9 world championship titles under his belt on his Ducati 900SS. And drawing inspiration from this 900SS, the new Scrambler gets a unique front look giving it that retro redesigned facade. This unique Scrambler is priced at Rs. 14 lakh in the Thailand automotive market.