DSK Motowheels to set up 400 Cr plant in Pune, Maharashtra


DSK group to open 400 Cr plant in Pune

The 400 Cr manufacturing facility will produce Superbikes of the Italian brand Benelli and Korean brand Hyosung.

DSK Group, which owns the DSK Motowheels group, plans to set up a 400 Cr production plant on the outskirts of Pune.In this plant they plan to manufacture Superbikes of the Italian brand Benelli and Korean brand Hyosung. At the existing unit where DSK assembles Hyosung bikes, have a single shift capacity of about 3,000 bikes, and a double shift capacity of about 5,000. Given the increasing demand, this would only suffice them for about a year.

“We are in the process of building a full new unit in Maharashtra, very close to our current plant in Pune. For a start, we are looking at 120,000 units per shift and will be ready for production in the next two years, “is what Shivapada Ray, chief operating officer of DSK Motowheels told the press.

Recently DSK Motowheels signed an agreement with Italian bike manufacturer Benelli, which has chosen India as its hub for its entry into Asia. For a start, DSK Benelli plans to introduce 5 bikes for the Indian domestic market. They are Tornado Naked Tre, TNT 302, TNT 600i, TNT 899 and the TNR 1130 R. The company plans to launch them in the country as soon as next year. The first bike to be launched in Feb would be the Cruiser Blackster, followed by the TN225.

We will open separate dealerships for Benelli and we don’t see any overlap with Hyosung,” said Ray. “From DSK Hyosung stable, the company will launch the new Hyosung GD 250N by March 2015 and 250R will also come around that time,” he added.

Benelli BN251 001

The Benelli BN251 will be the entry level model of the Italian brand that will be launched by the DSK Group in 2015.