DSK Hyosung to revamp its Indian product line

Hyosung GD250N

Hyosung GD250N ( Image Credit : Zigwheels )

Hyosung is planning on turning over a new leaf. The company is planning a complete overhaul in its line-up, with reports even suggesting that the company will manufacture all its bikes in the country. A completely new line-up is expected to be unveiled at the EICMA show at Milan, which would mark the introduction of a new company image for Hyosung.

For a while now, DSK Hyosung has been dealing with issues in its management capabilities. This led to ineffective management, which in turn affected production and sales. This also slowed down the R&D of the company, which stopped new bikes from being produced. Though those problems seem behind them, as after their takeover by S&T Motors, the company sees stability and a prosperous future. This enabled the company to put in the hours and effort in the right direction, and a slew of new products have been developed, which will be showcased at the show in Milan later this year.

New bikes you can expect from Hyosung:

GD250N: The bike has already been road tested, and is slated for an October launch this year. Though it isn’t clear if the bike will be manufactured with locally sourced parts, or will take the CKD route. Though most online reports suggest that with the bike`s specifications, most probably the motorcycle will be built with locally sourced parts. The GD 250N will also have a fully faired version, which will make its debut a tad later.

300CC Cruiser: To make sure it is catering to all types of biker enthusiasts, Hyosung will also be introducing a 300cc cruiser to its portfolio. Its sister concern, DSK Benelli will also have a 250cc cruiser, which was displayed at the India Bike Week earlier this year.

Hyosung GT650R image 01

Hyosung GT650R

650cc V-Twin: A new 650CC V twin (most probably) will be replacing the GT650R and GT650N units. Intense R&D will ensure smoother engines, and more reliability. Expect it to be showcased at the EIMCA later this year.

A 150cc commuter bike is also on the cards, which will be specially designed to only cater to emerging markets. The new facility shall be ready for production by mid-2016, till then the existing facilities will take care of production of the GD250’s.

The future looks exciting for Hyosung, given it has entered the Indian market at the right time. Local sourcing will help the company price the products competitively, and this will ensure its success.

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