Diesel cars are most favoured in India – reveals a study from Bosch

World map of automotive powertrains by Bosch

It is a well-known fact that India is a diesel car favouring market. Even as the diesel fuel prices are on the rise periodically and it is being said that diesel cars will soon lose their popularity, automobile manufacturers in India are constantly launching new diesel car models, as the Indian car buyers are still faithful to cars that run on diesel. To reinstate this truth, Bosch recently conducted a global market study on powertrains which says that Indian buyers mostly go for diesel powered cars.

Bosch has released the world map of a recently conducted analysis that is involved with the usage and popularity of the various sorts of powertrains cross the world. Bosch which is a renowned international automotive supplier has revealed in the results of its powertrain analysis that every fifth vehicle sold in the car market of Japan is a hybrid model, while in China the most popular engines are the spark-ignition ones, while in the car markets of Europe as well as India the most popular ones are diesel vehicles.

Here is a brief look at the results of the entire global powertrain analysis that has been conducted by Bosch.

Petrol motors: The study reveals that in the global car markets, the most popular engines are the petrol units. China is the largest market for the petrol cars with near 100 percent new car sales, followed by USA and Japan, where it accounts for about 75 percent. Modern engines are getting more compact along with the incorporation of direct injection system making them more fuel efficient by around 15 percent.

Diesel mills: In the Indian car market, every second new car is a diesel one, however, in many other new markets also diesel cars are growing in popularity. In the European market, the sales figures show the rising demands for the diesel engines. The reason behind this is simple, diesel engines use 25 percent less fuel compared against petrol engines, and also offer 40 percent more torque.

Hybrid and electric motors: The Japanese car market is in favor of the eco-friendly hybrid powertrains. Bosch says that this makes Japan the leading electricity consumer. However, electric and hybrid systems are highly popular other than Japan as well. Bosch predicts that the popularity of the electric and hybrid vehicles will witness a sharp rise globally by the year 2020.

Flex Fuel engines: The powertrains that run on petrol as well as ethanol are in growing demand in Brazil, while the trend is catching up in USA as well. These engines offer flexibility to the drivers to run the vehicles on a mixture of petrol and ethanol, or either of these fuels.

CNG engines: CNG or Compressed Natural Gas engines are becoming a growing trend all over the globe. Sales of the CNG cars have witnessed a steady rise over the last decade, with 25 percent growth. CNG is a cleaner, safer and much more economical fuel than petrol and diesel, and is also increasingly popular in India.