The DC Avanti from DC Designs : All set to set roads on fire?


Way back in April 2012 Superstar Amitabh Bachchan unveiled the DC Avanti, a concept sports car for Indian (and international) markets at the 11th Auto Expo in Delhi. The DC Avanti is Dilip Chhabria’s loving creation, the first car promised to roll out of its 100 crore manufacturing facility in Pune. Then we fast forward to February 2014 where it was once again showcased at the Auto Expo and created quite a stir. Expectations are high and the delay may be simply unbearable for high flyers who pinned hopes of vrooming around in this Indian sensation. Top execs did book the car during the 2012 Expo and some wondered if the car would ever see the light of the day. There has been a delay but now it has been spotted on test drives recently, demurely camouflaged as per a Rushlane report, and the day is not far off when production models will hit the streets. DC Designs is setting up a production unit in Gujarat with a capacity to produce 3500 Avanti cars but for now its Pune facility will handle production.

What makes the DC Avanti so special that it should be so eagerly anticipated? For one, it is one of the finest blend of art engineering from the creative mind of none other than Deepak Chhabria. Its exterior and styling rival those of Lamborghini and Maserati. Its performance is muted in comparison but then there is no other car like it in India. Price, styling and performance vie with each other in the Avanti. Price is one of its greatest advantages. It will cost a mere Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 lakhs in comparison to crores the Italian beauties cost. The low price is partly due to the fact that it uses stock components with only the outer shell design integrated by DC. The Avanti has all the oomph minus the negatives such as high fuel costs, high operational costs and importantly, high maintenance so it should be a hit with the jet set wishing to take their girlfriends for a breathtaking ride.

Powered by a Ford EcoBoost, variable valve timing, turbocharged direct injection DOHC 2000 cc engine capable of 243 PS and 366Nm of torque working in sync with a six speed manual transmission, the twin seater Avanti will easily rocket to top speeds of 250 kmph while acceleration is a mind blowing 0 to 100 in under 7 seconds. The engine is Euro 5 compliant and can be upgraded to Euro 6 for acceptance in European markets. The makers claim it will give a mileage of 10 to 14 kmpl but that remains to be seen. Designed by a genius and built to thoroughbred specs, the Avanti has a sleek tubular jig built, TIG welded chassis sitting on true sports suspension of unequal length double wishbones in tandem with coil cover shocks. Tyres are appropriately large at 20 inches covering a wheelbase of 2700 mm in a car measuring 4623 mm length, 1967 mm width and 1213 mm height with a low ground clearance of 170 mm. The car weighs in at 1562 kgs, somewhat hefty indicative of rock solid stability at high speed and fast cornering.

The Avanti is different, dazzlying, a definite head-turner and perhaps the first genuine Indian sports car tuned to Indian markets but with a distinctively European styling that spells class, with a capital C.



Pictures source : Cardekho