Crash tests to be made mandatory in India

With increasing accidents on Indian roads the government may soon come out with a mandate of ensuring that all vehicles undergo a crash test prior to plying on Indian roads. The decision can also be extended for mandating installation of anti-lock braking systems and air bags. Talks are going on between the Indian government and the auto industry for the introduction of these safety features as a measure to reduce everyday fatalities on Indian roads. This time the government is very adamant and wants these features to be available in today’s cars despite their high cost, especially when these critical and vital features are very much present in the models that are exported to Latin America and Europe.

Child restraint and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are the other safety aspects which are being given consideration as they help drivers to avoid crashes thereby reducing the danger of skidding or losing control. All the vehicles are now required to undergo a frontal crash test at 56 km/h. In spite of a jump in vehicle prices by up to 25%, a deadline of 2017 has been set for the vehicles to meet these minimum safety standards. In Pune and Manesar (near Gurgaon), the facilities for frontal crash tests are expected to be in place by the year end.

According to a senior road transport ministry official, the government is expected to come out with the norms of New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) in the next few months. According to NCAP norms, passing of the minimum standards by all the vehicles is must. By keeping in mind the buyers’ point of view, the government is even introducing star ratings which will help the buyers to make a more informed decision. Government considers the star ratings as a key factor when it comes to safety of vehicle and its passengers.

As per sources, the star ratings will be the range of 1-5 and will suit the domestic conditions. Star ratings will be mandated to ensure structural safety and also to make the vehicles safer for the occupants. One of the best examples of star ratings is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), US, that has a five-star safety ratings program. It basically provides its consumers with complete information about the crash protection along with rollover safety of new vehicles.


Pictures Source : Zigwheels