Here comes the RYNO; a self-balancing one wheeled Microcycle

RYNO in action

All of us have heard of the Segway, a two wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle for personal transportation. Now Microcycle inventor Chris Hoffmann has gone a step further and created a one wheeled electric vehicle called the RYNO.

The RYNO Microcycle looks like something you`ve seen in a sci-fi movie. The one wheeled self-balancing motorcycle is powered by two SLA batteries and comes with LED lights, on-board display, and Pannier rack compatible with standard bike pannier bag to carry your personal laptop or supermarket purchases. On a full charge the RYNO can travel a distance of 15 miles and is capable of reaching speeds up to 10mphr.

RYNO is an electric powered personal transportation

The RYNO is equipped with advanced motion sensors which help in detecting the body movements of the rider. Leaning forward would accelerate the bike forward, lean back and the bike will slow down. The idea to build the RYNO popped up when Chris Hoffman`s 13 year old daughter asked him to build a one wheeled motorcycle she saw in a video. The vehicle weighs 72 kgs and can be used to zip across the neighbourhood. Whether you want to go to the park, office or the nearby grocery store the RYNO is capable of taking you anywhere. The bike is designed to climb the steepest of inclines and is capable of carrying 118 kgs. Hoffmann says “The bike is easy to use and manoeuvre and does not take up any additional space than what is required for a single person while standing. While riding the RYNO I`m at the same level as people walking in front of me, not towering over them. That`s what makes the RYNO special.

Here`s a cool video of how the RYNO actually goes about doing its job: