Clear render images of the Suzuki GSX-250R (Gixxer 250) emerge from Japan

Suzuki Gizzer GSX-250R

Suzuki launched the Gixxer earlier this year and it managed to win over a lot of fans to the Suzuki camp. But one thing does not go un-noticed. While all of Suzuki’s competitors (Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki) have entered into the 300cc category, Suzuki has not ventured into the 250cc category.

Despite not having a bike in the quarter litre category, Suzuki still has an immense fan following in India. They have the potential and fan following to make their quarter litre bike a success in the country.

Japan`s automotive magazine, called the youth machine magazine, released an expected render image of the front end of what one could expect if Suzuki went ahead and launched the bike. The expected front end looks amazing, and the GSX-250R has enough potential to disrupt the competition in the country.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 render by young machine magazine

In their latest issue, Youth Machine magazine has gone ahead and launched a clear render of the full bike. The expected fan-boy render is based on the Suzuki GSX-R1000R. If the concept/production ready bike looks anything close to the render it will be nothing short of fabulous.

The render image showcases a twin cylinder set-up (like its competitors), split seats, aggressively styled LED front lights, Gixxer 155SF style fuel tank and split seats. The paint schemes will be based on the big brother, and you could expect other style elements to be borrowed from there.

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Coming to the GSX-250R engine specifications, one can assume that the engine used in the bike will be borrowed from the Inazuma (but tuned to take on the competition). The engine is expected to produce power within the range of 27-30 PS. This would be sufficient enough to take on the competition and would surely work in favor of the bike.

In this day and age, the customer has a number of options to choose from. The options available in the market make the competition cutthroat. Every bike has its pros and cons and makes it more difficult for the customer to make a decision. What will make the GSX-250R a success is only if the bike packs a punch when the customer twists the throttle. Suzuki is known to have a good performance record, it`s only a matter of time before we see Suzuki India introduce a quarter litre bike in the country.

Via – Motor Otomotifnet