Classic VW Bus gets a Porsche touch

VW T1 race taxi image 01

Who doesn’t love the classic VW minivan? The VW T1 was iconic during its time, and was famous amongst the old and young. It was perfect for long road trips, as a beach surfing transporter or even as a school van. There was something about its design that made it uber cool. Still excites me whenever I see one!

So what happens when you take this icon, and give it a little bit of a Porsche touch? You get a beastly mammoth of a vehicle, which would make sure your kids always get to school on time!

The one of a kind project was undertaken by Swedish customizer Mr. Fred Bernhard, and took a painstaking 6 years! The 1962 VW T1 Bulli van had some weight reduction done, to bring it down to 3,300 pounds. Under the hood is a air cooled, forced induction flat six engine, that has been borrowed from the 993 turbo, which gives the vehicle a whooping 530 horse power and about 558 Nm of torque. That is way more than you’d need to make sure your kids reach school on time! Handling all this power is a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox, which has been lifted up from the 996 GT3. 18-inch BBS alloys make sure the car looks as badass as those numbers the engine churns out!

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All these factors give the T1 a top speed of 143 miles an hour (it’s a van, has absolutely no aerodynamic aesthetics in its design) which is way more impressive than it sounds.

This VW van has been called the T1 Race taxi, and will be getting showcased at the GTI-Treffen at Worthersee, by the Volkswagen commercial vehicle group.

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VW T1 race taxi image 01