Chevrolet-FNR: This is GM`s self driving future car

Chevrolet FNR electric concept

Chevrolet has unveiled its latest creation at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show. It`s called the FNR and we`re not sure what that actually means. It is Chevy`s new concept car which is essentially a self driving electric vehicle. The car was developed in Shanghai by GM`s Asia Tech Hub and going by its looks the car has future written all over it. The aim of the Engineering, design and electrification teams was to create something unique, intelligent vehicle for tomorrow`s younger generation using state of the art car networking technologies. The FNR looks very futuristic and reminds me of sci-fi movies like the Armageddon.

The Chevrolet FNR truly boasts a futuristic capsule design with crystal laser headlights and tail lamps. The electric concept features magnetic hubless wheel electric motors, dragon fly dual swing doors and wireless auto charging.

The vehicle is packed to the gills with futuristic technologies like sensors and a roof mounted radar that can map out the location for driverless operation, iris recognition start and Chevy Intelligent Assistant. The Chevy-FNR is also capable of mapping out the best route to the passenger`s preferred destination.

The FNR also boasts of a self driving mode in which the vehicle`s front seats can do a 180 degrees turn to face the rear seats. Very thoughtful of Chevy I must say. For now, it`s only a concept but a production ready FNR is what we`re waiting for! Hope the guys at Chevrolet are listening.

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Chevrolet FNR electric concept



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