The challenge of keeping new car designs a secret prior to launch

Mercedes Benz GLA

Car manufacturers try hard to preserve their unique designs prior to launch

Car manufacturers try hard to preserve their unique designs and creations, each year there is a new level of creativity. Companies use the best of best techniques to preserve designs, and camouflage is the most common tactic, along with teasers. The auto market has become intensely competitive, in 2014 itself, so many new design technologies have been discovered, such as Exciting H design used on the all new Honda City, authentics concept on Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, and Furia on the new eleventh-gen Corolla Altis.

The moment a new car launch is announced, months before its actual inception, excitement builds up, when a camouflaged car is on the scene, journalists and car enthusiasts uncover every inch of mystery embedded in the vehicle. Journalists and bloggers rush to the factory to view the happenings of cars draped with new designs, and the venue is filled with photographers who are eager to capture a new unforeseen design. Designing a brand new car is a challenge, companies first have to come up with a brand new design, and manufacture it in a timely manner. Timing is the most important aspect to promote a new car, and also how you project a new project, says, the project manager for Volvo, Dennis Nobelius, who has sculpted a new SUV that was on display at the esteemed 2014 Paris Motor Show.

The challenge lies in how to control the power of media frenzy, when companies showcase a teaser image or the picture of the real car, the image will spread like wild fire, and there will come a time when the design is no longer a topic of interest. This is the test faced by many reputed auto manufacturers, the moment news of a new model spills; it is difficult to curb excitement and passage of information. Apart from just displaying a stunning new model, the angle in which it is showcased is important as well, if an unappealing segment is shown, then the interest in the model is lost completely.

On the proper projection of a new model, Dennis said, the first time a car is revealed, it is exposed many times, and what is unpleasant, is when the captured view is unimpressive. A desirable new Volvo displayed at Paris Motor Show is XC90. Exposing a new car is a risk; companies have to however reveal their models at auto events, to showcase their creations to the public. How do companies protect their designs?, BMW utilises a fingerprint scanning approach, to permit only accredited employees who are involved in the project to view new design segments.

New car designs are always exposed to the exterior world; companies test the vehicles on the road, to ensure its resistance to various road and weather conditions. These cars are camouflaged most of the time, but auto enthusiasts and journalists are still able to crack what’s hidden underneath. A new car launch is thrilling beyond words, and it is difficult to curtail the excitement of viewing a new model, and what is exciting for the public is a task for car companies.