Castrol`s Magnatec STOP-START engine oil – Ideal for Indian driving conditions

We are in the age where constant innovation is taking place in every walk of life. “Castrol India” 2nd largest manufacturer of automobile lubricants in the Indian market has launched an innovative solution to counter the effects of Stop-Start driving on engine wear and tear. The traffic condition in India involves a lot of starting and stopping. This start and stop takes a toll on engine life and increases engine wear and tear. To solve this problem Castrol has developed a new engine oil.

Typical city driving often involves starting and stopping continuously, thanks to congested traffic conditions in India. This sudden stop-start style of driving takes a toll on the engine, increasing wear and tear and reducing engine life in the process. Castrol has developed a special engine oil for this problem. Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start, a new engine oil has been developed in collaboration with Tom Tom, a navigation provider. Data collated from Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start index, powered by Tom Tom shows that on average drivers start and stop their cars over 18,000 times a year.

This new engine oil from Castrol has special properties that make it bond onto critical engine components and form a self healing layer of protection. In case the molecules are removed the remaining ones rush in to restore the protective layer. This engine oil is recommended by Castrol and is ideal for Indian driving conditions. We suggest our readers to give it a try.