Car Care Tips : Getting your vehicle ready for summer

Summers are here, and that means your car will need extra attention to ensure it runs without any hassle. There`s nothing much we can do about the heat, but we can take a few precautions to avoid any major repairs.

Battery Check

Image Credit : Jalopnik

1) Battery check

Battery should be checked, and changed if you have an older vehicle. The high temperatures cause the battery fluid to evaporate. This means the battery would not be working efficiently. This could cause a huge breakdown if not checked properly. It might also affect the air-con system of the vehicle.

Engine Fliud Check

Image Credit : Jalopnik

2) Engine fluid check

Low quantity of engine fluid could result in the engine not working efficiently. This means that the cooling fluid wouldn’t be able to have a cooling effect on the engine if it`s not in the required amounts. This could cause the car to overheat.
Now that’s something we don’t want. So it would be best to have it checked on a regular basis to prevent a mishap.

3) Check for any sign of wear and tear in the engine

Basic science says that things expand in heat and shrink in cool temperature. A thorough check of the engine should be done, and any signs of wear and tear on the engine clamps, rubber parts or engine belts should be rectified. Working in extreme conditions would result in the particular part not working.

Coolant Check

Image Credit : Jalopnik

4) Coolant replacement

The car coolant should be replaced before summer. This would ensure the car`s engine cooling system would be working well enough not to cause you any hassle. A flushing of the old fluid and purchase of a new one is recommended if your car is more than 3 years old.

5) Special measures to keep the engine cool

The car should be left idling for a minute or two after a huge journey; this would help it in cooling down. Park the car in places where there is not direct heat. This would prevent the insides of the car from getting hot, and would prevent the engine from getting heated.