Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo revealed

Buggati Vision Grand Turismo concept 4

Bugatti is one of the most well-known supercar manufacturers in the whole world. Proudly known to produce the ‘world’s fastest car’ – Veyron, the company just recently discontinued the same model in order to make way for its successor. Having completely sold out 450 models of the famous series, Bugatti has just released pictures of the Veyron MKII concept car.

The visual rendering seen in the picture is the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. Basically, the concept rendering has been performed to demonstrate Bugatti’s abilities to create a one off custom performance machine built purely for the race track. The virtual concept car is not just one that you will be able to simulate in your gaming stations, but it will also be coming off the production line in the coming future.

Yes you read right! The Volkswagen owned group is giving a direct hint to rivals including the likes of BMW and Aston Martin saying ‘guys, watch out!’ At the oncoming Frankfurt Motor Show, Bugatti will be showcasing a full-scale Vision GT model.

According to reports, the company’s design department was supposed to create a model inspired from the legendary racing model Type 57. However, it seems that the inspiration only extends up to the paint job because it purely looks like a very mean and customised Veyron instead, which looks somewhat like a GT3 racing car. The showcased concept has got everyone excited given that through this Bugatti will once again be venturing into the racing territory after being absent from the same for a very long time. If the Vision Gran Turismo becomes a reality, then we must say that rivals, beware of the lurking danger in the coming future.

But, it seems like this model is just a training exercise gone public for the lot of Bugatti designers because the production model will most likely be the Veyron’s successor, which most likely won’t look much like this.

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