British Star Daniel Craig suffers a minor injury while shooting a chase sequence in the Aston Martin DB10

Daniel Craig injured while shooting for Spectre movie

The Aston Martin DB 10 looks fantastic. But what it lacks is enough headroom which was discovered by 007 actor Daniel Craig. The actor is part of the 24th 007 movie Spectre and was injured while shooting for a scene in the DB10.

A midnight chase sequence was being shot in Rome with the DB10 being tailed by a Jaguar XC-75 driven by latest Bond villain Dave Bautista, when the stuntman behind the wheel accidentally hit a pothole which caused Daniel Craig to hit his head on the car`s interior.

The British actor was checked by a medic on the film-set, and he continued shooting as no serious injuries were reported. The Film is directed by SkyFall director Sam Mendes and stars 50 year old Monica Belluci as the latest Bond girl.

Production of the latest Bond Franchisee (Spectre) began in December 2014 and shooting locations include Mexico City, Rome, Austrian Alps and London. The film is going to be action packed with high speed chase sequences, a little bit of romance (bond style), exotic locations and plenty of action to keep viewers glued to their seats. The movie is set to release in November this year.

Source: LAtimes