Bridgestone launches new range of Ecopia tyres in India

bridgestone ecopia tyre demonstration 01

Tyres are a very important part of any car. The quality of a tyre can differentiate between being safe and getting into a major accident. Not only this, different types and quality of tyres can determine how a vehicle handles, brakes, steers and accelerates in a given condition. People at Bridgestone’s research and development department have been working on utilising unique technologies in tread design and unique elements. Their work has led to the development of a safe, durable, low resistance and fuel efficient range of tyres – Ecopia.

The new tyre series derives its name from two words – Ecology and Utopia, and the Ecopia range comes available in two different categories, namely, Ecopia EP150 for passenger cars and Ecopia EP850 for SUVs. Other than helping in increasing fuel efficiency and being friendly on the environment, the two Ecopia tyres are also very good handling tyres that are also very durable.

bridge ecopia tyre demonstartion

Bridgestone even conducted a test drive of the new tyres in the outskirts of Bangkok. According to the company, the tyres perform 23 percent better in the rolling resistance test and 9 percent better in wet braking test. Both the tests show how good the tyre is on general conditions found in majority of Indian cities. Overall, EP150 Ecopia is a 7 percent more fuel efficient passenger car tyre, which equates to around 80 litres of fuel saving on an average each year. The EP850 on the other hand is said to be 10 percent more fuel efficient than conventional SUV tyres.

Ranging from 13 to 18 inches rim diameters, the Ecopia range has been made available in as many as 26 sizes in the initial stage. According to Bridgestone, these tyres have been developed in an environment friendly way, in line with the company`s aim of reducing carbon dioxide emission levels by 50 percent by 2020.

Source – Zigwheels