Bosch in talks with Indian auto manufacturers to integrate e-clutch system

Bosch E Clutch

Bosch claims the eClutch system is more fuel efficient and smoother than the AMT system

With the increase in volume of urban traffic, more people are considering the option of an automatic transmission. But there are lots of limitations associated with conventional automatic transmission systems and they also add a lot to the cost. Maruti launched the Celerio with an AMT transmission which allows you to have the convenience of an automatic without adding a lot to the costs. This system is used on a standard manual gearbox only. Bosch also has a system that is applied to manual transmission but functions in a different manner.

This system is called the eClutch system. It doesn’t eliminate the need of shifting manually altogether and also retains the clutch pedal unlike the AMT system. But it allows automating certain processes for ease of driving in urban traffic conditions. Bosch has engaged in talks with various Indian automotive manufacturers for adoption of this system as it offers several advantages over AMT. No names have been disclosed yet but Bosch says that several manufacturers were interested in the eClutch system. It is noteworthy that almost all major Indian manufacturers work closely with Bosch.

While AMT system scores high on efficiency, the eClutch claims to be even better. This is because of the start stop coasting feature it comes with. It reduces the consumption of fuel by almost 10 percent. This system turns off the engine when the driver is no longer accelerating. It determines this by the pressure being applied on the accelerator pedal. Along with this it disengages the clutch to reduce fuel consumption. Bosch claims that this technology is considerably cheaper than the conventional automatics being used in current day cars. However the costs are still unclear leaving the big question unanswered, if it is as cost effective as the AMT system because cost has been a major factor in the success of AMT.

Apart from the fuel efficiency advantage over AMT, the eClutch system claims to offer a smoother drive and faster gear changes as compared to the AMT system. This has been observed with the Celerio and Alto K10 that has entered the market recently. The drive of both these cars isn’t exactly very smooth with the AMT system. While driving, you can feel every gearshift with all the movements associated similar to a manual gear shift car.

This AMT system has been used on city cars only and in case of Tata Zest, a diesel engine so it is acceptable. The Celerio and Alto K10 are city cars so it isn’t much of an issue. The Bosch eClutch system is much smoother in stop go traffic making it practical even for premium hatchbacks and sedans. It allows you to pull away smoothly from traffic lights without straining the clutch or engine too much. We will soon be getting more details about this system and how it operates. Further information will also tell us how this system will be adopted by different manufacturers and what vehicles can use this technology.