BMW’s Indian facility rolls out its 40,000th car in the country

Mr. Philipp Von Sahr President BMW Group India with Mr. Robert Frittrang MD BMW Plant Chennai with the 40000th locally produced car.

BMW India rolls out its 40,000th car in India

Once, India was a market only for the bare basic cars that were tiny in dimensions, high on fuel efficiency, very affordably priced and offered the most basic features. However, now with the passage of time and with higher disposable incomes, the Indian car buyers prefer cars that offer more style, space, features and are great to drive. Along with the change of preference and globalization of the Indian market, the growing elite class of India is also heavily investing on luxury cars, which is evident from the very positive growth of the luxury car segment in India within the last couple of years. Needless to mention, many global premium car makers have been offering a number of their products in the Indian car market in the recent past. India has been getting a good dose of new models from the German luxury car manufacturing trio, namely Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

BMW cars are obviously highly regarded in the Indian car market, and the brand name itself is enough to lure in potential customers who can shell out hefty amounts for the fabulous premium cars from the house of BMW. Without any doubt, the German luxury car behemoth has been very successful in the Indian market.

The company’s success in the country is proven by the number of vehicles that the car maker’s local assembling facility is churning out. BMW’s Indian subsidiary set up its first manufacturing facility back in the year 2006 in Chennai. This production facility of BMW India became operational from the year 2007, is now responsible for producing most of company’s Indian portfolio comprising of passenger cars and Sports Utility Vehicles except the M range.

BMW India is now celebrating a manufacturing milestone for the company, as its local Chennai car facility has rolled out the 40,000th vehicle which happens to be a white 5 Series. The German premium car manufacturer had invested around a whopping Rs. 400 crores in order to set up this car assembly factory in India that is located in Chennai. This manufacturing facility operates in a double shift, and has the potential to churn out 11,000 vehicles per year.

BMW India is certainly as successful as its other fellow luxury car makers in the country, and the company is also on a spree to launch many new models in the near future. BMW India is now gearing up to launch many more models in order to expand its Indian product portfolio. The upcoming Indian launches from the house of BMW include the new M3 sedan and the M4 coupe, the Mini 3 door as well as the Mini 5-door models, all of which are set to launch within this year.

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