BMW to showcase remote valet parking assistant at 2015 CES

BMW remote valet at CES 2015

BMW’s going to showcase remote valet parking at the consumer electronics forum which will be held in Las Vegas next month. BMW has undertaken autonomous Vehicle research and is going to showcase their results to the world at the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

BMW remote valet at CES 2015 image 1

BMW has installed a prototype in a converted i3, and claims the car can go park itself in a multi-storied car park, without absolutely no human intervention. The owner has to dispatch his car to go park itself, through a smart watch, and go about his or her day.

BMW remote valet at CES 2015 image 2

The on-board system uses laser sensors and stored building plans, to find its way to an empty spot and park itself. Once parked the car locks itself the car can come back to the pickup point through a pre-decided time, voice command or when instructed through the smart watch. It is a perfect feature for corporate honchos and could save them valuable time spent finding a parking spot. It estimates the time it will take to reach the pickup point, giving the person time to grab a coffee to power up in-between meetings, perfect!

The BMW i3 has 4 on-board laser sensors, which it uses to navigate itself and find its parking spot. It could also be used when the human driver is driving, and is about to hit something. It could steer away, or apply the brakes. BMW has also stated that it does not rely on GPS-signals which might not be available at basement parking lots. Volvo had showcased a similar self-parking system, and Elon Musk claims the new versions of the Tesla Model S would also be equipped with a self-parking feature. Nissan and Ford have also announced that they would partner with a number of universities to develop prototypes.

This ladies and gentlemen, is the future!