BMW India launches 360 Degree Buy Back Program in India

BMW 3-series 360 degrees buy back program

In recent times, BMW has lost out to fellow German rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi in the Indian luxury car market. While the latter two companies are posting impressive sales figures this year, BMW has not been able to achieve the same in our country. In a bid to make its vehicles more attractive propositions, BMW has just announced a 360 degree program in the country for models like the 3-Series, 5-Series and X3 SUV.

The new program is nothing but a buy-back program that the Bavarian giant offers in other countries as well. This enables the owner to buy a BMW vehicle of his/her own choice along with a financial contract and an annual mileage criteria. Upon all the choices made by a customer while purchasing a new car, the company will offer to buy-back the car along with certain benefits like complimentary servicing, affordable monthly instalments, low down payment and free maintenance for three years.

When the three year period of the program comes to an end, the customer will have the option of either upgrading, retaining or returning the vehicle back to the company. The new program will help the German car maker to find more buyers along with the ease of providing them with a hassle free ownership experience. In addition, the vehicle will also have an assured value at the end of the period.

Currently, the new 360 degree program has only been made available in certain cities like Ahmedabad (Parsoli Motors), Bangalore (Navnit Motors), Chennai (KUN Exclusive), Delhi (Deutsche Motoren), Gurgaon (Bird Automotive), Hyderabad (KUN Exclusive), Jaipur (Sanghi Classic), Mumbai (Infinity Cars and Navnit Motors), Nagpur (Munich Motors) and Raipur (Munich Motors). If the program becomes popular, BMW might soon add more models to the same, thereby offering more choice to customers.